Material Purchases

We follow the whole procurement process by producing the right product from the Turkish Market with the right planning. "SERAL" gives you "GUARANTEE" that you will not encounter extras in this service once the correct technical specifications are mutually determined..

Benefits Of This Service:
1-) Your application with this service does not matter with the superiors or exteriors in the budget work.
2-) your process you can not live in purchase and logistics when you are following fitness.
3-) you will be strongly from technical support or return to you that you have been awarded by the manufacturer.

Architectural Projecting + Implementation

In this application we are doing turn-key application after architectural project drawing. We provide turn-key service by combining all our finishing works + electrical & mechanic and decorations by combining our designing power with our project and application experience.

Benefits Of This Service:
The frequent complications arising from the supply of materials and the different implementations on construction sites are not evident. It offers the possibility of working with the same quality in every progeny with its expert staff in its field.


We follow the one-point follow-up of the products you have bought in Turkey, the export transactions and the paper follow-ups for you.

Benefits Of This Service:
Export information is being removed from the weaknesses that weak producers will have in the export stage. All of your products are tracked to perfection in a complete and complete manner.


Our company, within the scope of logistics services; storage, international shipping and heavy freight forwarding services. International Sea Freight Forwarding, International Road Transport, International Railway Transport and International Airway Transport, and manages operational processes with its professional team.

Import / export complex (FTL) transport
Import / export partial (LTL) transport


Import / Export Transport Service
Transportation service in console
Door-to-door delivery
Project Carrying


Import / Export FCL container service
Import / Export LCL container service
Cross Trade (transit) movements
Special equipment container service (Opentop, Reefer, Flatrack)
Fast and timely delivery of documents and services