About Us

Who Are We

SERAL provides first-class service at a low cost in emerging markets, providing innovative supply chain solutions - SERAL's deep market intelligence provides information on key product components that affect price, quality, supplier performance and availability. They walk around the market on behalf of customers and use best procurement practices to provide the best value. SERAL has the capability and equipment to undertake all stages from product research to procurement, planning, logistics, application, final use and training.

Target Markets

Our target markets are the developing Turkey, Africa continent and the Qatar Dubai region. We plan to be permanent in these regions. With the projects we have carried out in the Karsa Valley and the local teams that we have formed in these markets, we are giving our goal slowly and steadily. Our targets are based on our values.


SERAL is doing business with a specialist staff in the field of construction sector. Today, the sector with the largest number of suppliers is the construction sector. In this chapter Planning - Importing - Logistics and Logistics is our best known business. It is our main duty and our "DIFFERENCE" to work under "GUARANTEED" to work in "SUCCESS" business in other sectors with our strength and experience.

Our Values

Commercial Ethics: At the beginning of the bases we have in our works are Human and Moral. Customer Satisfaction: We aim to create lasting ties with our customers and to lay out the basis of the service and to satisfy them with a very practical approach. Continuous Service: Continuity in the services we give to our customers is very important to us.